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Chapter 1: Mean Girls

Monday, 11 July 2016

61: Not A Pet!

Naida sat, in the back of the Apollo shrine and seethed.  They were all looking to coddle her, hold her hand, make things easy for her.  But this was her story, Goddess smack it!  Her whole torso hurt and she knew from the heaviness she felt she was about to start bleeding again.

The ash and rain wouldn’t quit.  They wouldn’t stop. Oh, perhaps a day or two.  But never enough to let them set out again.

Bodhi was sitting.  Like always.  With this little half smile on his face as another day went by when Naida wanted to actually GET home.  Another day when her mother and her father were closer to having another kid and would forget all about her.

Syb had re-done her hair three times just to get her to sit still and quit pacing and snarling about more lessons, and then finally slithered into the lamp, huffing.  Inside she’d made a tiny window, not even big enough to pass a hand through, but she could talk to Temis and the two of them were cooing at one another.  Cooing and touching claw-tips through the hole.  Sheesh.

Kurama pounced and caught another mouse.  They were coming in to shelter from the storm and because the smell of food.  “You’re going to be fat if you keep eating like that.”

“Nope.  I get to use the energy to work on having more tails!”

“What good are more tails, anyway?”

Kurama sat down abruptly.  “You don’t KNOW?”

“Of course I don’t KNOW.  You’re from a different part of the world with different spirits and different Divinities!”

Kurama sighed.  “The more tails I have the more power I have… right now I’m like what you’d call a ‘lesser monster’.”

“You’re not a monster, or a brownie, or…”

“No, I’m going to be a Nine-tailed fox one day.  If I get to seven tails I get to take human form and hang out as your friend, instead of as your pet.”

“Kurama!  You are not and never will be a PET!”

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