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Chapter 1: Mean Girls

Thursday, 30 June 2016

55: How Long Was I Awake?

            As the wild storm winds diminished and the incredible lightning show between the two Gods who were now one diminished, the sun had been steadily setting and now Nuit’s skirt covered the sky completely.   A five year old, blue-skinned boy took the hand of the three year old girl wearing the double crown.  “Come on.  We need to let the Temple recover from our visit.”

            “But Amun-Re,” she said.  “My mama wasn’t going to go to war, for reals.  She was threatening that Greek Queen who was said to be eating her son’s heart… and that Roman Empress who poisoned the pears on the trees for her husband.  Both of them were threatening Egypt.  And the Bull’s Heart on Kreyen… she was watching for when the Golden Boy was going to attack…”

            “Yes… yes.  The priest had things wrong.  He closed the borders to try and make a peace where nothing would grow.”

            They walked down the steps toward where Naida sat, on the stone, with Kurama on her lap, Asteri at her back.

            “Lady of Flame,” Re said as the two children came level with Wadjet.  “If I might ask You to leave your avatar for now?  We must ask one of the other lamia to visit if they are willing to host you.”

            The gigantic cobra reared up and smiled, showing her long, pointed fangs.  “She was an excellent avatar, my brother.  I was wonderfully pleased to be allowed access to her voice.  I approve of the lamias.”

            It was as if two snakes spiraled out of a single body, one black and green, one green and blue.  “Sister,” Wadjet said.  “I gift you with right of passage in Our lands.  Our thanks for the use of your body and your power.” Her tongue flashed out and Sybaris’s ruby tiara flared up like fire for an instant as she licked it.

            Sybaris bowed and Naida could see that more of her black scales had become emeralds.  “You are most gracious, Protector of the Royal House.” She turned and Naida noticed that Bodhi’s lotus was gone.  He stood on his own two feet and had a staff to lean on, and his orange clothes looked a bit more worn than they had at first.  Naida stood up, slowly, and bowed to Wadjet.

            “Child,” Sybaris said.  “Do you realize that you have been awake since you found the Re in the desert?  You need to sleep.”

            Naida swayed where she stood and Kurama leaned against her knees to help her stand up.  “Kurama!  Stop that, this instant!” Sybaris’s face was down against the fox’s nose.  “You’ve been bolstering her staying awake.  She needs to sleep and to eat and to drink.  You don’t push humans like that!”

            “You don’t?” Kurama sat down and Naida sank onto her heels as a wave of energy flowed out of her.  She blinked and yawned and tried to keep track of what Syb was saying but couldn’t manage it.

           “Syb… did you know that the desert waves are like ocean waves?” she said.  “They wave up… and down… and up… and down…” her hands fluttered up and down as she drew what she saw on the air.

           “Into the lamp.  Right now!”  Syb snapped.  “And you! Asteri, how could you just let Kurama pour all that energy into her without a by-your-leave!”

            “I didn’t think… I mean I didn’t know… I mean…”

           “You might take a bit more time to mature, Chimera!”

           “You’re right,” he said but still sounded huffy.  “I messed up.”

           Naida saw the pillows and the silk brocade walls of Syb’s lamp in front of her and her hands hit the stone and she crawled forward.  Her head was so heavy and she wanted to lie down and sleep so badly. Her right hand passed through the opening and she was pulled in to curl up on the sweet-smelling cushions, that whiffed of sandalwood and cinnamon and other exotic spices.  “G’night Syb. I’m gonna sleep now… How long was I awake?  There’s a little yellow man in red sandals running in the sky you know.”

           “That’s the aurora from the Goddess Belt,” Syb said.  “You were awake for three whole days and nights.”  Naida shook her head and sank into Syb’s nest of pillows. 

           “No wonder I’m tired,” she said.

           “We’ll see you safe to the Egyptian borders lovey,” Sybaris said.  “Amun-Re owes you and I’ll make sure He remembers that.” She waved at Kurama.  “Get in there with her, you.  And no more messing with her energy until she gives you leave!  She needs to recover from this little adventure!”

           Kurama slunk into the lamp, all three tails tucked under.  “I was doing my best.”

           “As we all were.  Shut up, fox,” Asteri said.  “You didn’t know.”

           As Naida let her leaden eyes fall closed in the nest of cushions she smiled because Bodhi was sitting on the stone, offering everyone tea.


Tomorrow (really later today) is Canada Day and I will not be posting!  Have fun guys!

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