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Chapter 1: Mean Girls

Monday, 27 June 2016

Chapter 52: Reconciled

            The two gods were perfectly in sync even as their hand claps grew ever faster and lightning began arcing between their hands.  The sound of it was a continuous roar that even pushed Wadjet and Bodhi back.
            The sky immediately over them had gone black and the Goddess’s Belt shone clear and hard edged as a sword blade against the stars. The pressure of wind and sun spinning against one another grew and grew, gradually expanding until even Wadjet couldn’t hold against the stone and was blown backwards, rolling, with Bast dug into the rock with all claws, eyes slitted, all her finery blown to shreds, her tail lashing and fluffed into a club. The lotus actually rocked and Asteri, wings folded tight, reached out with a serpent’s tail and with Wadjet wrapped it and held it down.

            Wadjet’s hood was spread wide to intervene between the boy gods and their hapless followers. “Bodhi… did Asteri just grow a serpent’s tail?”

            “Yes, he did.  He’s almost grown again.”

            “Really?”  Naida buried her face in Kurama’s fur. “His goat head and his lion head are arguing… a snake will just make things worse.”

            “No, no. It will be fine,” Bodhi said.  “Look… the boys have almost finished.”

            Her heart was pounding and Naida squinted into the crackling, roaring funnel into the sky, and only saw one figure, dancing. Re’s face, Amun’s face, Re’s face flickering, gold, blue, gold, blue. “playmate, enemy, frenemy, playmate, friend, enemy, playmate…”

            Bast, in her leopard form, circled around the edge of the conflagration, stroking up against it, bunting her head into it like a house cat greeting people. Her golden fur stood up in electrical spikes and every time she purred and stropped the Gods’ fire it eased a little, it calmed a little.  She drew off the wildest sky fires and drained the energy into the stone under all four paws.

Wadjet reared up, hood spread, but her green scales washed darker and Sybaris’s magical voice soared up to the sky, spreading like ungent over a wound. She sang of peace, and an end to rage. She sang of glorious sunsets with the wind tossing palm leaves across it, clacking. She sang of the cooling wind out of the night desert riffling over the Nile in the dark when Re rested in his boat, rocking as though in His mother’s arms.

            Naida found herself crooning with her, Kurama sitting up pretty on the edge of Bohdi’s lotus, her white fur reflecting blue, her voice high and wild, answered by Anubis out in the sand somewhere.

            Finally, finally the fires and the lightning around the Gods subsided and there was only one figure there.  One avatar.  A terrified silence held the Temple in its fist as everyone waited to hear the pronouncement of God. He diminished from twice manheight to a short little boy, still under scalp-lock.  He shimmered all over his skin, golden but shone blue as the edge of a white-hot fire. His face was solemn but his eyes glinted as if from the excitement of play and a slow smile spread across his face. The stone at His feet healed itself, and the green palms and gardens that had been damaged grew as if under a gentle sun.  The fountains flowed clean and clear. “We are now reconciled. We are Amun-Re. And we will speak to Our High Priest.”

            Bodhi smiled as Naida buried her face in Kurama’s fur, fingers buried in her ruff.  Kurama snuffled in her ear and made her yip and sit up when her cold nose and licking tongue tickled her there.  “Hey!”

            Bast bounded up into the lotus and flopped down across Bodhi’s lap, demanding to be petted, still crackling from every hair of her pelt.  “All better.  I want to chase that meddling Priest all the way to the First cataract and play ‘dead mousie’.”

            Bodhi petted her fur flat, sparks flying up into the blue sky, barely visible.  “You’re such a cat.”

            “Aren’t I though?” She started purring and flattened Naida under one velvet paw, though gently, and started washing her as though she were a kitten with a dirty head.

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