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Chapter 1: Mean Girls

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Chapter 43: Nuit In Glory

            This was all Night; every Night that humans and spirits had ever lived through. It was the joyful darkness after a birth, when the only light was your own heartbeat; the long and suffering Night when one sits and holds the hand or paw of a dying soul.  It was the Nights of endurance in the winter, praying for light and heat, and the thick and sticky Nights spread eagle on the ground hoping for a breath of air that didn’t reek of a jackal’s panting breath.

            It was the bloody Night of the predator devouring mother and nestlings, crocodile surging from the black mud.  The gaping jaw of raging hippo. It was the Night of Teeth.  The Night of Cramps as an unborn passed from a womb or the Mother’s Sacred Blood flowed. Jackals and Coyote Nights, the cough of lions and the deadly giggle of hyenas in the dark.
            It was the frustrated Nights of spring frogs desperate to breed and the gentle nights of fireflies. It was the Night full of the song of a single nightingale. The Night when all were safe and all was still, when children breathed softly and spouses moaned sweetly together, or snored gently, softly signaling they still all lived.
            It was the stark and awe filled starry, moonless Night full of the depths of Forever. She stepped out of Her cloak, swept like raven’s and owl’s wings up to Re and gathered him up against Herself.  “I’m here, my child, my brother, my lover.  I’m here.”
            Naida had sunk to the smallest, tiniest ball around Kurama that she could manage and tried not to breathe.  Re was frightening but His Mother… she couldn’t bear, yet.

            Re was enveloped in darkness deep as death and all sound cut off as Night and Her Creator Son spoke.  Naida couldn’t hear her own heartbeat the silence imposed was so profound.  Kurama whispered in her ear.  “There’s something very wrong. Re would never act like that.  The Divine is divine and above such mortal things.”
            Bhodi, who calmly sat, cross-legged on the sand, patted a spot next to himself.  “Come sit.  It will be all right.”

            Asteri had become as still as a statue, posed regally, but somehow still trying to shrink away into the sand as part of his demeanor.
            Naida ducked her head and started to shake after her flash of courage.  “Could I… could I have some tea please?”

            “Of course!” Bhodi poured tea into an eggshell cup so fine it was almost transparent.  “Be still.  All will be well.  Snake, I see you wanting to come boiling out to defend your daughter.  You’ve given her the key to unlock her sight, just being with her.  She is safe with us.  You needn’t come out and risk being pummeled by the other Sun Twins.”

            Naida curled her arm protectively around the lamp.  “Was he being so… so human because… well, why?  Gods aren’t supposed to act like that.”

            “We might find out.  We might not.  Night and Truth are both here, in the guise of Night alone,” Bhodi said.  “The Destroyer tried to come too, because of what his priesthood did to all their avatars, but Maat calmed her, even as Re called them.”

            “Why would Re say that about us smelling bad?”

            “His divinity has been compromised.  He’s drawing on other Sun and Creator Gods and Spirits and not all of Them are as…” Bhodi waved a hand, vaguely.  “… Exalted as He is.  I think His Mama is going to straighten things out.”

            “I hope so,” Naida said.  “I was pretty impertinent.”

            Bhodi nodded.  “But even Gods have to realize that humans can attain Enlightenment and Elevation.  They are mirrors of the Gods just as the Gods are mirrors of you.”

            Naida’s forehead wrinkled.  “I…I’m not sure I understand.”

            “That’s all right.  If it is your karma, you’ll understand and if not, then not.”

            “Bhodi,” the vixen said.  “You’re talking more now than all the way here!”

            He laughed.  “Every teacher needs students, and YOU my dear spirit, are hardly that.”

            His shining lotus felt very safe and Naida managed to not give a gasp or a screech as the Night unfolded, revealing Re-Horakhty, in His falcon-headed glory.

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